What are the Four P’s of Marketing?

Every business wants to be relevant in the world of high competition. They make use of certain activities that assist them in delivering to their customers. Marketing is one of the strategies employed by many businesses so as to help lure customers into doing business transactions with them. The four main elements of marketing that have proven to be the pillars for many years are Product, Promotion, Price, and Place.


A product refers to the goods or services that the business produces in order to satisfy their customers’ needs. A product can either be a service or a good. Service refers to the action of assistance to another person. A good is a tangible commodity that is utilised by the customers for particular needs.

Business marketers need to put a lot of effort into understanding what products they are producing and what needs it will satisfy. It helps them to understand their obligations to their customers, realise their rivalries, and discover the best way to make their products unique and attractive to their potential customers.


Price is another crucial element that determines the success of a marketing strategy. The amount should be well balanced, and it should not be too high as it will chase customers from engaging in business. Moreover, it should not be too low as it will bring losses and liabilities to the company. In either case, the business will suffer a great deal for poorly priced products.


The place is another big pillar of marketing. Understanding your customer’s location is essential. For those businesses that have some of their services run on the internet, it becomes helpful to understand your potential customers basing on the sites they visit often. You can also find this fact by analysing and evaluating the user’s cookies to understand which products/services they like to search on the internet. After discovering potential customers, you can send them ideal offers that will help you lure them into a business.


Lastly, the other essential pillar of marketing is promotion. It would be best if you considered putting in place promotional activities that will help you reach customers and attract them. Some of these promotional activities include advertising, public relations, digital marketing, and social media marketing.

There are several channels of advertising that exist today. A business can choose one of its convenience depending on the level of competition it experiences, and the location of its customers.

On the other hand, digital marketing entails activities that require the use of the internet to get in touch with potential customers. Most electronic devices that are developed today have access to the internet, and this makes it easy to find customers.

Social media marketing plays a vital role in marketing a business product. So many people are connected to social media, and this makes it relevant to send them perfect deals and exclusives via social media.

Finally, public relations involve maintaining a company’s high reputation by providing excellent services and satisfying the customers’ needs. The first-hand impression that the company portrays can help it to attract visitors to its site. How you interact with people and the comments they leave on your website page will influence other people to engage in business with your company.

These are the 4ps of marketing that have been in existence over decades, without which business is prone to fail. It is essential to look at these elements in detail with the use of experts’ help.