What are the various types of law firms?

A wide range of sizes and shapes make up a variety of law firms. Whatever the size and shape, handling almost all types of legal issues faced by large corporations, individuals, and small businesses are handled by law firms.

Choosing from a variety of law firms depends on the legal issue. Legal problems, generally, do not have a one-size-fits-all resolution. However, the difference between a missed opportunity and a successful outcome is determined by choosing the best law firm to handle your legal issue.

Choosing the right law firm means understanding the varied factors you face such as your specific legal need, location, and finances.

The various types of law firms to consider include:

Small Law Firms

Boutique law firms are another term used to describe small law firms. Generally, small law firms employ between two to ten lawyers. This allows the lawyers a chance to collaborate among themselves legal matters ranging from the simple to the more complicated.

The smallness and the closely-knit relationship of the lawyers make small law firms the best option for one-on-one attention to your legal need.

Solo Law Firms

Aptly named, solo law firms are operated and managed by a single lawyer. Popularly known as solo law practitioners, solo law firms usually handle a variety of legal matters ranging from family law to personal injury law. Some area of law such as patent law is an area that most solo firms specialise on.

A single legal issue works best with solo law firms. Cutting legal costs is achieved by choosing solo law firms. Special tasks that need assistance from outside legal experts or paralegals help to cut costs.

A personal one-on-one approach is perhaps the greatest benefit gained from solo law firms.

Large Law Firms

As full-service firms, large law firms vary in size. Their size ranges from thousands of lawyers and employees to several dozen. The larger law firms include a plethora of personnel from librarians, paralegals, human resource specialists, and administrative staff. They also tend to exist in numerous countries, cities, and states.

The big legal departments of large law firms make them able to specialise and handle all legal areas. All kinds of legal work from white-collar crimes, mergers, and acquisitions to large scale litigation are all handled by large law firms.

Organisations, high-stake entities, and corporations usually go for large law firms. This is not to say though that the law firm is confined only to the big guns. Individual legal issues covering multiple legal issues can also be handled by large law firms.

Criminal Law Firms

Crimes ranging from DUI to securities fraud are the specialisation of criminal law firms. This type of law firm is usually focused on clients that can afford to hire their own criminal lawyer.

A criminal defense lawyer is often hired by individuals being charged with criminal acts. Criminal law firms usually hire knowledgeable and skilled lawyers that have experience with procedures and laws and have formed relationships with judges and prosecuting lawyers.

The legal issue faced by an individual determines the choice of a law firm. Other factors that play important roles in the choice of a law firm include location, finances, preferences, and legal issues.

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