What do conveyancing lawyers do?

Many people often think that the paperwork in purchasing a home is the only involvement of conveyancing lawyers. While conveyancing lawyers DO handle the paperwork of buying a home, they also do a lot more.

Some of the important legal services conveyancing lawyers handle during the house sale include:

  • Provide helpful legal advice for survey issues
  • Handle the transfer of the title deeds
  • Arrange property searches

What are conveyancing lawyers?

The full qualifications of being a practicing lawyer that is capable of handling all conveyancing processes are the true meaning of conveyancing lawyers. Their wide experience and training in other aspects of the law make them capable legal experts to represent you on any conveyancing transaction.

The wide legal knowledge of a conveyancing lawyer will be extra useful if you’re buying a house and want to draw up your will at the same time.

Conveyancing became a specialised legal practice due to the rising demand for homeownership during the 80s. While conveyancing lawyers are not experienced in other legal areas, they are the experts when it comes to property laws.

What do conveyancing lawyers do?

Selling or buying a property or doing both will make a conveyancing lawyer perform different tasks. However, the major role played by a conveyancing lawyer is to oversee all the small details to ensure that everything about the transaction is above board.

The multiple duties a conveyancing lawyer performs on your property transaction include:

  • Carry out searches on the property
  • Work out every legal aspect in the sale or purchase of the property
  • Confer with lawyers of the buyer or seller about the completion date
  • Answer your concerns and questions
  • Provide updates on the next steps

All these legal tasks make conveyancing lawyers the right professional to have in your corner whether you’re buying or selling.

How conveyancing lawyers help buyers

The conveyancing lawyer will be right there with you to:

  • Carry out searches on the property
  • Tell you if you need to pay land taxes
  • Help you with your mortgage lender
  • Inform you about other things involved with the property

The sale becomes legally binding once an exchange of contracts happens between the seller and buyer. However, there are steps to take with your conveyancing lawyer before the property becomes yours, to include:

  • Transfer your deposit once contracts have been exchanged between the seller and buyer
  • Transfer the property legally to you once the outstanding balance has been paid to the seller’s lawyer
  • Ensure that the seller vacates the property upon completion date

How conveyancing lawyers help sellers

The formal request of the title deeds of the property is the first task performed by a conveyancing lawyer representing the seller. For mortgaged properties, the conveyancing lawyer will request the title deeds of the property directly from the lender.

The conveyancing lawyer will then make a draft contract outlining all pertinent information about the property. He/she will then submit the draft contract to the seller for approval.

Once the seller approves the draft contract, the conveyancing lawyer will liaise between the seller and the lawyer of the buyer.   

The bottom line

Purchasing a new property requires a conveyancing process that needs the legal expertise and experience of licensed conveyancing lawyers. Hiring their services is always a great choice whether you’re buying or selling a property.